OpenTraining Schedule 2014

Training this week is open to all players.

Training will be held at West Hills Middle School between Tuesday June 10th & Thursday June 12th, 2014.

Players should train with the age group they will be playing under this coming fall 2014. 
(Example: A current U10 player this spring, will train with U11 during this week of training)

U8 & U9 Boys      Tue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)                           5pm-6:20pm                    Simon Omekanda, Colby Cunningham                                   WHMS TC North                  
U8 & U9 Girls                      Tue (6/10) & Thu (6/12)5pm-6:20pmJenn Perkins, Dani HaelewynFootball 9v9
U10 BoysTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)6:20pm-7:40pm  Simon Omekanda, Colby CunninghamWHMS TC North  
U10 GirlsTue (6/10) & Thu (6/12)                 5pm-6:20pmChris TimlinFootball 9v9                
U11 BoysTue (6/10) & Thu (6/12)5pm-6:20pmChris Edwards, Steve CookOld Soccer 
U11 GirlsTue (6/10) & Thu (6/12)6:20pm-7:40pmJenn PerkinsFootball 9v9
U12 BoysTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)6:20pm-7:40pmChris Edwards, Steve CookOld Soccer  
U12 GirlsTue (6/10) & Thu (6/12)6:20pm-7:40pmDanny Price, Chris TimlinFootball 9v9
U13 BoysTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)6:20pm-7:40pm                      Andy Wagstaff, Tim BergsmaOld Soccer
U13 GirlsTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)7:40pm-9pmDanny Price, Chris TimlinFootball 9v9
U14 BoysTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)7:40pm-9pmChris EdwardsOld Soccer
U14 GirlsTue (6/10) & Wed (6/11)7:40pm-9pmKevin Garner, Colby CunninghamLower Bowl  
U15 BoysWed (6/11)5pm-6:20pmDanny PriceLower Bowl
U15 GirlsWed (6/11)6:20pm-7:40pmKevin GarnerLower Bowl
U16 BoysWed (6/11)5pm-6:20pmKevin GarnerLower Bowl
U16 GirlsWed (6/11)6:20pm-7:40pm              Danny PriceLower Bowl
U17 BoysWed (6/11)5pm-6:20pmAndy WagstaffOld Soccer
U17 GirlsTue (6/10)5pm-6:20pmKevin GarnerLower Bowl
U18 BoysWed (6/11)5pm-6:20pmChris EdwardsOld Soccer
U18 GirlsTue (6/10)5pm-6:20pmDanny PriceLower Bowl